Free Fun

Are you as broke as a child without an allowance? Would you be excited if a moth came out of your wallet as it does in cartoon shows because then, at least, you would have something in your wallet? Is the sound of you rubbing two coins together just the sound of you rubbing one finger against a coin?

Well, me too. I guess we have something in common.

Also, if the above description details your situation perfectly,  welcome to your 20’s; the most ironic age of your life. A time where it should be extremely fun to go out to bars or other age restricted entertainment (because you finally can) with your friends, but also a time when you find you can’t because well, bars cost money. And what with college loans, rent and other expenditures, you’re a bit in the red.

So, if you’re anything like me, and you are a bit bored of watching movies on your couch on a Friday night, here’s a quick reminder that you can fly to far away lands, fight robot overlords and feast on faerie food that is the size of thimbles.

Books are free, people. There is this archaic structure that the state employs to keep you well-stocked with adventure. It’s called the library.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love a good trip to the bookstore to buy a book that I will keep on my shelf or Kindle, forever. And really, the way that I forget to return my borrowed books to that establishment is kind of like I’m buying them already. (I once had to pay my local library $4.50 at a rate of 10 cents a day. You do the math.)

But think about it. We can barely rent anything without paying for it in the entertainment industry these days, especially now that all of the video stores have essentially folded. So, what other medium can you indulge in that will offer their wares for free, and won’t even make you pay for it if you fold the pages back or spill black coffee on it?

And finally, a book keeps giving. It captures someone’s vision originally. But then, when it gets into a reader’s hands, it becomes something completely different. It becomes a religious experience or fuel for the fire. Or, more recently, the subject of a blog post. And, all of this is free to you and me. If you have a library card. Which is free, as well, in most cases.

So what if you’re broke. Most of America is according to the economy. But what we are wealthy in is words and imagination. And so we are rich.

Also, this blog is and always will be free. So, if you do need some free fun on a Friday, I’ll be right there with you, even when I’m not.

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