Turning Aggression into Creative Expression

I had one of those days.

One of those days where nothing goes entirely right. And also one of those days where everything does not go especially wrong, either.

Yes. One of those days.

And I chose to deal with it in a terrible way. I vented and ranted and tried my best to blow off some steam by blowing up in people’s faces. (Not literally. Imagine what a mess that would be!)

So, I decided to break the cycle. Instead of destroying the things around me, I had to build myself back up. What you all probably don’t know is that my most natural means of expression is not a blog. It’s poetry. And I’ve been neglecting my art a lot lately. So much so that I’m going to need to get back to basics by writing some haikus.

Haikus, by nature, are supposed to be filled with serene images of nature. But haikus also have a rigid structure that has always conveyed to me a sense of restraint, thus mirroring anger itself.

They’re also fun because they will take you back to Kindergarten, making you count out all of the syllables on your fingers.

Try sticking one of these haikus in your pocket for one of those days and see if it makes you unclench your fists for just a moment. Trust me, the knot growing in your back will really appreciate it.

Pity Party

Throwing a pity

party for yourself is hard.

There’s no confetti.


I Can’t

Seriously? Did

you just–No, no. I can’t with

you at all right now.



Irate. I would rate

my anger on a 10 scale

but it’s off the charts.


Just Say It

You’re disappointed?

What about me? I just used

all my syllables.


Breathe Deeply

If I breathe deeply

enough maybe I’ll suck the

air out of the room.


100 Words for Snow

There are a lot of

words for being mad but I

cannot pick just one.


It’s Worth a Shot

Do you think if I

yell loud enough the man in

the moon will hear me?



I can’t take it. If

I hear one more person tell

me to cool it, I’ll–


Armed and Dangerous

I have two cookies

one for each hand and I’m not

afraid to use them.


Useless Tips

Breathe in. Breathe out. And

count to ten. And scream into

a pillow awhile.


Ah, that’s better. Happy Friday, everyone.

B.B. Gunn

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