Gullible Is Written in the Title of This Blog Post

No, really. I’m not trying to fool you.

But unfortunately, everyone else is.

I mean, we say that the battle (or balance) of good and evil governs the entire world.

But that isn’t the real problem. How the world is actually divided is between gullible people and the people that take advantage, or in some cases look out for, said gullible people. (And I don’t have to tell you who has the upper hand, most times.)

The gullible people are the ones who genuinely believe that people look out for each other and that when push comes to shove, everyone will hold the door open for them, even when they are 20 feet away. The non-gullible people have more of an edge to them, and they will likely poke things with a stick before they make a decision about anything.

But let me be clear. There is nothing wrong with being EITHER type of person. But like I said, if you are the former instead of the latter, you may be sort of surprised by how people can take advantage of your “good” nature. At the same time, if you are the latter, you are going to be sort of surprised about how absolutely trusting some people can be, about how they have managed to stay alive so long, why someone hasn’t kidnapped them off the street.

All I am saying is that we need both kinds of people for this world to function. We need the non-gullibles to look out for their counterparts. And we need the gullible people to show others how to believe in each other when absolutely necessary.

No doubt you can tell which one I am. And I am constantly struggling between the two, trying to stop eating out of people’s hands, trying to get out of the way if they move to slap me. But the point is, I have to be who I am.

So, I am going to keep looking up at the ceiling, looking for the word gullible there. But I am really hoping that someone steps in before I get too much of a crick in my neck.

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