An Extra Set of Hands

I don’t have to tell you that there is only one of you.

You already knew that. Because you need to be in about seven different places at the same time, and it’s abundantly clear that there isn’t enough of you.

When you’re here, you’re thinking about being there. You’re planning to run errands tomorrow when you’re doing them today. You’re wondering when you’re going to get time for yourself when you’re at the gym, driving to soccer practice, picking up dinner, doing homework, doing your kid’s homework, reading a book club book, writing a book, cleaning the house…well, you get it.

You think, could I at least get an extra set of hands here? At least then I could text and cook a meal at the same time. And maybe scratch my nose. Why does it get itchy when I am making curry?

While that would be great (I mean, more curry for everyone), there’s a reason that we don’t have more hands or more of ourselves. No, it’s not because the science hasn’t caught up yet (it has). And no, it’s not because it would be ethically wrong to experiment on humans (Orphan Black makes sure we know that this isn’t the issue here.)

It’s because there is only supposed to be one of you. You are supposed to only be one individual person so that you can recognize when things are getting to be too much. If you were able to handle everything that was ever thrown at you, you wouldn’t grow. You wouldn’t be challenged. You wouldn’t even bat an eye over the zombie/cockroach apocalypse.  Study for an anatomy exam? Done. Cardiac surgery? No problem. Fly a plane? I have to be better than the pilots I’ve seen in the news lately!

You would just catch up with it all, thanks to your other set of hands, on your body or on a clone’s body. Nothing would ever be enough because you would never be able to give enough. And then you would truly be worn out.

So, the next time you feel like cloning yourself so that you can get more done, try stepping back for a moment. Actually, step so far back that you take yourself into another room. Once there, try to find a blanket, wrap yourself in it, and take a deep breath. Everything is going to be okay not only because you are one person but specifically because you are you.

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