Owl Medicine 

I didn’t want to post tonight. Not after what the world has been through today. 

No, I’d rather that everyone find their closest loved one and tell them that they love them. Get off the Internet and be with their family. Today is not a day to be alone. 

But I figured that maybe you’re up late at night and on the Internet for the same reason that I am: you’re seeking solace and comfort from other people, because you really can’t be alone when you’re on the Internet. And if that’s the case, then I’d like to do what I can to help. 

Which in my case, as a writer, is adding some words to the world. Tonight, it’s a poem:

Owl Medicine

In the clear air

Bathing the full moon,

An owl called out

Into nothing 

With enough force to send it


On the branch. 

Cars passed its silhouette, invisible. 

Still a question 

In its very call, in its very existence

That has been asked for centuries. 

And sometimes

The owl got its answer. 

But it was quieter then. 

Now the owl only calls,

Begging to be heard over the roar

Of progress. 

But it does not wait

To be heard. It blends

Its sound with those of nature.

As always has been done; as it never had been done before. 

Now. Go find someone and give them a hug. Tell them they are not alone. 

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