All Talk

People say that actions speak louder than words. And people are generally right, unless those people are writers. 

Because in my experience? Nothing is more important than words. Words can destroy and create. They can move you to tears and break your bones like sticks and stones, or embed themselves deep in your heart to carry you further when your legs cannot. 

But when you’re trying to do something with your life? You know, trying to achieve your goals and dreams, talk can only get you so far. And I haven’t found the magic words to make myself actually follow through. 

I mean, I’m writing a novel, working on my six pack, learning a new language, reading a new book every month. But how much have I done of that in reality and not in my mind? A little, on and off, sort of, and kinda.

And in the meantime, I’m telling myself I can and should do all of these things, and I believe it (and then promptly get overwhelmed and do none of them.) 

In the end, I put so much stock in words and what I tell myself that I forget what I could really accomplish if I did something. I guess if talk is cheap, then actions come at a costly premium. But it’s worth it. (At least I think it will be when I get around to it.)

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