The Fear of Getting Lost

I went somewhere last weekend I’ve never been before. And next weekend, I’ll be going somewhere I’ve never been before, too. Actually, I’m hoping to follow in my grandmother’s footsteps and visit all 50 states. (But the jury is still out if she was actually able to do that and if we’ll just keep adding states so that I can never catch up. Stay tuned for the next 20 years.) 

Ive found that when you’ve seen a bunch of places that you’ve never seen before and had experiences you’ve never dreamt of having, you have to ask yourself: why didn’t I do this so much earlier?

Well, it’s not due to the fact that you’re in crippling debt from going to college, and a liberal arts college, at that. That’s not it at all

It’s the fear of getting lost. Because in this GPS driven world, it’s terrifying to get lost, to suddenly have to lock your doors because you accidentally rolled through the wrong part of town. Everything has to be planned out and plotted before we move forward. It’s lunacy, though spontaneous, to just set off with a roundabout destination in mind. 

But getting lost is where we find ourselves. We learn how to problem solve, and if we’re really lucky, we find something great along the way. All the best things about our favorite places were found when we left the beaten trail. (And usually, getting lost is half the fun because you don’t have to work too hard to do it.) 

We should never fear getting lost; we should only fear getting to our destination and not wanting what we find there. 

But really, it’s a beautiful, wide world out there. Go get lost in it. 

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