Um yeah…

So, I took a hiatus. You may have noticed. And then I did the really brainy move of not telling anyone I was taking a hiatus. Which is just not a great way to operate in your general life. 

Okay, so why did I do it this time? You guessed it. I mean to write my book. For realzies. And I thought it was gonna go great because I have been mucho inspired lately. I’ve even taken to writing poetry in my head again (getting it on paper is a whole different story), but that’s great because I haven’t done that in years. 

So, I’m poised to really succeed this time. And my first thought was: well, maybe I don’t have to give up the blog. 

And then the other side of my brain went: go on. 

And I started coming up with scenarios. Maybe my blog could be written during the week and my book on the weekend. (Other side of my brain again: yeah! And that’s a surefire way to basically die from stress before 30.) Or maybe I can use my blog to write short fiction and writing exercises while it gears up for the big event.
And this mostly sounded well and good, until last night happened. 

I was so excited to get started. So ready to make something of my life again. So ready to write.

And after my run and dinner, I promptly sat on the couch and woke up sometime in the middle of the night. Oh yeah. So motivated.

And it’s then I realized that maybe I’m being a little too ambitious (which is crazy because Hamilton is basically my spirit animal, and I truly will never be satisfied). But maybe it’s true. Maybe I need to work up to it. 

So, for now, I’ll post on this blog when I can. Maybe not daily, but as much as possible. But I WILL BE focusing on my book. As long as you’ll hold me accountable for my potential, okay?

Thanks, guys. I love you readers all so dearly. I just want to give everyone butterfly kisses for reading my stuff and even chuckling at it every once in awhile. 

Love and kiss hug kiss hug,