Miss Me Yet?

Well, hello there.

That’s right. I’m back…for the fifty-third time. With a new domain name: baileydailey.com.

Yup. I have an official website now! You can tell your friends to come visit my site and comment on my posts without having to join WordPress.

The question is why. Why do all of this?

For a lot of reasons. But the only reason that you need to know right now is that I appreciate all of you reading this. And that it has been a dark time without this blog in my life. And in general, it has been a dark time for everyone, if social media can be trusted about 2016.

So, I wanted to revive this blog to remind everyone (dailey) that there are good things in the world and that there are good people. All we have to do is focus on those things. I know that’s hard, but I’m here to help.

And that’s it. So, tell everyone you know that I’m back. And I intend to stay.