Make Art

Sorry guys, I’ve been pretty burnt out lately. I passed out so hard last night I forgot where I was. (And I forgot to post). 

But I’ve noticed that all of you guys have been keeping up the passion and the spirit. And it’s awesome to see, no matter what you believe in. 

I mean, people are really making a stand right now. They’ve stopped hitting “like” on Facebook and they’re actually taking their message to the streets. It’s amazing to watch and wonderful to be a part of. 

But the best part that I’ve seen? People are looking for new ways to express themselves through art — to cope and to rally. To reassure and rebel. To express and address. And I just love that. 

Because in these times, we’re gonna lose sight real quick of anything that isn’t absolute priority (like clean water, apparently). And as society has shown us, art isn’t always on the top of our list of things to be saved (like NPR, for instance). But it should be, and we can make sure of it. 

So if you feel so inclined and impassioned, you should definitely march and protest, but you should also make some art. You should sing a protest song, you should paint a sign, and you should absolutely write your own blog. Because even though our society won’t admit it, it needs artists, especially during difficult times, to remind us of who we are and why we should continue to create when there are many forces asking us to destroy. 

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