Laughing to Myself

I’m really into podcasts. I love listening to learn new things or to hear a new story. 

But what’s my favorite reason to listen to podcasts? It’s to laugh. There are some extremely funny people out there doing really hilarious podcasts. And as is the case with all of my favorite activities, I love being taken away and being distracted from reality and getting to laugh along the way. 

However, have you ever tried to keep in your laughter? I mean, have you ever tried to stifle it? It looks totally crazy. 

When I was listening to a podcast just today, I was sitting on the train trying hard to keep my lips buttoned and trying to look only a little bit weird while smiling stupidly to myself. I snorted out loud a few times, but for the most part, I stayed in character: a bored commuter trying to get home. 

But do you know what the best part is about not trying to laugh out loud? It’s that it only makes you laugh harder. All I wanted to do when I was trying to hold it all in was to laugh and laugh, no matter who was looking. 

I think the point is that no matter how hard you try to hold it back, restrain yourself from something, the more you’ll be drawn to it. And you should never keep yourself back from fully enjoying something. 

So, next time I’m on the train, I’m going to burst out laughing. Because I love laughing, and I want the world to know. 

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