A Do Nothing Night

When all of your plans get cancelled, normal people usually allow themselves the excuse of doing nothing. 

When my plans get cancelled…

“Okay, so we’ve been to all of the grocery stores and picked up everything we need and we’ve taken a walk and there’s no wedding stuff to take care of right now and we’ve just eaten dinner and I finished the chapters for my book club, so we can probably just sit on the couch—OH, let’s bake cookies!”

To which my loving fiancée so sweetly replies: “you know, you don’t have to do something every night.”

And he’s right. Sometimes it’s okay to just come home from work and stop. And it’s also okay to just exist sometimes.  And most times, I totally forget that sometimes it’s okay to not to be completely productive. (Ugh, that even hurt to say.)

But he’s still right. So, I’m passing that onto you. 

Don’t do anything else tonight. Don’t even read this blog. 

Okay, you little rebel. NOW, go do nothing for the rest of the night. Thank me later. 

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