Whether you’re having trouble finding happiness in your life or you just want to be a better employee, it’s easy to pick up a book, or listen to a podcast, or read a blog (wink, wink) that is supposed to *change your life*. And the best thing? You can do it yourself! You can start changing your thinking right now! You can have a better life!
So, what do I say about that?

First: Congratulations! You’re seeking help for a problem you have! That’s great! 

Next: proceed with caution. 


Because I’d like to remind you that there is no panacea. There is no cure-all. And while it’s great to learn more about yourself and work to improve your flaws, it is not a switch to flip. 

Basically, you can’t watch 10 TED talks and become a better person. You can have a new perspective after you watch them. You can work on it. You can learn something new. But you can’t be a perfect person because you’ve read a book on how to be one. And I think it’s time you recognized how 1) awesome you are already and 2) how great it is that you’re even trying to improve your outlook on life. Way to not be stagnant! 

I think there really should be a disclaimer on all self-help books that warns people. And then, reminds them that theyre human. So, for best results, be realistic about your growth. 

In the end, by all means, give yourself some self-help. But remember to practice self-love, too. 

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