My Favorite (St. Patrick’s Day) Things

I could easily make the argument that St. Patrick’s day is the best holiday of all the holidays. 

Instead of making the argument though, I’ll just make a list:

  1. There is a really easy dress code to follow. 

-Yup. You just wear green, white, and orange together and you’ll look like you’re the most patriotic Irish person on the planet. I mean, really, all you have to do is wear something that looks vaguely Irish and you’re in.

   2. Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s day. 

It’s true. Even if you don’t have a drop of Irish heritage in you, you can still totally join in on the festivities. Don’t believe me? See #1. 

3. It’s all about drinking good beer with good friends. 

-No gifts required. And it’s not like Christmas where you’re just drinking to make your family more tolerable. You’re drinking to feel warm and fuzzy and have a good time with friends. Shouldn’t that be every holiday?

4. It’s always on March 17. 

You don’t have to check a calendar or count back to the third Thursday after a blood moon or whatever. You can just expect it every March. Like an old friend. 

5. You feel connected to your ancestors but also the Irish people. 

Believe me. The Irish people definitely celebrate St. Patrick’s day. And they’re proud of that. But Guinness and shamrocks aren’t their entire culture. Which is why St. Patrick’s day is the perfect time to learn more about Ireland if you don’t know much. You might discover something about yourself too. 

Cheers! Slainte! Enjoy! 

And most importantly, have a pint for me! 

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