Things You Learn When You Spend All Day Traveling

Today, I was trapped in an airport for 6 hours while my plane got more and more delayed for hours upon hours. 

With nothing to do but alternate between listening to music, reading books, and eating burritos, I had a think about what is actually true about travel and why people always want to do it, when usually, the journey stinks and your destination is really where you want to be. 

What I found out: 

  1. I was not a bird in another life. I hate flying. I don’t want the wing beneath my wings; I want the ground beneath my feet. (I would make the worst Disney princess — I’m completely unadventurous.)
  2. A crappy situation can bring strangers together and can make you feel united. 
  3. Starting a conversation with a complete stranger is way easier than you think. (But don’t talk their ear off if they’re just trying to mind their own business.)
  4. Flight attendants are super cool about you throwing up in a bag. 
  5. And even sometimes, the passengers next to you are super cool about you throwing up in a bag, which I’m so grateful for. 
  6. TSA agents sometimes have a sense of humor. (You have to in that job, right? Corralling nervous fliers all day is tough!)
  7. Suitcases are wayyyy heavier than you thought they were when you packed them. 
  8. No matter how well you pack, I promise, you’ll forget something. 
  9. Hotels are magic. Period. The staff, the food, the rooms. All of it. I don’t care if it’s a Super 8. Someone is working their butt off for you to feel like you’re in a home away from home. 
  10. But, in the end, home is really the only place you want to be when traveling. 

And that’s it! Even though it was a super long day, I am happy to snuggle up and fall asleep, knowing full well that I don’t need to be on a plane tomorrow. Ahhhh. 

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