An Extra Helping

I think we’d all like to believe that we would help someone else in their time of need. We’d all be very gracious and open our arms (or most likely our wallets) to help a fellow man or woman that has run amok of some bad luck. 

And while I’m no different from that description, I am still of a different breed. 

You see, I describe myself as a little too helpful. I not only help a fellow person in need, but also when they probably don’t need any help at all. (Or shouldn’t get it). I’d honestly probably help a robber in a bank if he asked me nicely enough to hold the door open for him. I’m that bad sometimes. Your wish is my command and all that. 

The problem is, though, you shouldn’t give everyone what they want because they want it. You don’t give a person who is allergic to peanuts just one Reese’s cup, no matter how hard they beg. Because in the end, they just hurt themselves and at best, blame you for it. 

And the other problem is that if you help everyone, you have an awful lot to do. Sometimes, it’s better to help someone to help themselves so they can keep helping themselves long after you’ve left. 

The point is that while you may think you’re being the world’s nicest person by agreeing to do whatever someone says, you’re not always doing them a favor. In fact, you may be complicating rather than simplifying their lives. 

Ask yourself what the best outcome of a situation would be before doing anything. And if you need some time to think about it, then go ahead and do just that. 

And once you get used to not being as helpful, can you come round and teach me? That would be very helpful of you. 

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