What’s Easy

I challenge you to do something very difficult.

I challenge you to not do anything easy in your life.

For example…

You’re behind a young woman in a line for coffee (there’s always a line for coffee). You can’t see her face, but she has tattoos all over her arms. She’s wearing all black. You can’t see them all, but you can tell she has multiple piercings in her ears.

The easy thing would be to assume anything about her. That she’s a degenerate. That’s she’s super nice and chill.

But remember, I want you to stay away from anything easy in life.

So, what’s the hard thing in this situation?

Getting to know her. Striking up a conversation in the coffee line. And while first impressions aren’t always the best, you’ll learn so much more than you ever could by just assuming things about her.

I want you to do this whenever possible.

It’s easy to gossip about your coworkers. It’s easy to tear down an ex. It’s easy to be a small person.

It’s easy to be mean to others when you feel that some wrong has been done to you.

But I promise that the hard things, the learning, the taking a step back, the inhaling of a deep breath, will be worth it. And someday, they may become easier. They just won’t start out that way.

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