My First Screen Name

Or “sn” for short. It was seahorse1790. 

Because I loved seahorses, the number 17, and the year I was born. 

And while I had other screennames (xzxRavenxzx and baileysays) it never occurred to me that I would be anything but seahorse1790 when I was young. That was my whole identity rolled up into a nutshell inside the jaws of a nutcracker. That was me. 

And now that I’ve grown up, I have a different screen name. An adult email address (although I still use an old one for junk email). And a new identity. 

But both of these screen names are still me. I’m just not naive enough to think that things won’t change anymore. I still like seahorses; they’re just not my whole life. 

And while life is awesome and great and interesting as an adult, I think you also need to take time to take inventory of yourself, of who you are. Because the person you once were doesn’t always fit like a second skin when you get older. 

And if you acknowledge the change, you may be able to get more use out of it. You might just be able to recognize the seahorse1790 part that is part of you too. 

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