Be Curious! 

I had a HUGE revelation today. 

I’m all about pursuing your passions. All for it. 

Except when it comes to quitting your day job. 

I know, I know. Big risk, big reward. But there’s something keeping you back from starting all over and pursuing your passion isn’t there? (Yes, Bailey. It’s my crippling student debt.) Okay, fair. 

But ask yourself — is your passion something you LIKE to do? Or are you truly interested and curious about it?

Because that’s what keeps me back from writing full time. One, because I love my blog and I don’t want to hate it because I have to rely on it to give me money. But two, and more importantly, I’m not curious about writing. I don’t want to learn about it. I just want to do it. It comes natural to me. And like most writers, I’m an egotist and I think I’ve learned everything I possibly can about writing. I’ll learn as I go. 

But what am I truly curious about? Science. I am interested in science. I love listening to podcasts about any kind of science, but mostly anatomy. I get truly excited about listening to how the human body works. I hung on every word of a woman who described how she became allergic to meat. And it’s only taken me until recently to realize that I have a passion for science, but I have a love for writing. 

The difference is that I can keep one as my mistress, and the other one keeps me up at night. (I’ll let you decide which is which.)

But the point is that when I stopped to think about it, I realized I could love what I do and still not be passionate about it. Just because I love writing doesn’t mean that I need to exorcise my soul to produce it. Sometimes, quitting your day job still doesn’t mean you are fulfilled. 

“Take Some Time to Travel”

I’ve been really stressed lately. (Who hasn’t?) And most of the time, when I’m stressed, I also get really forgetful (who doesn’t?). But I don’t mean I walk into a room and forget why I’m there forgetful.  I mean, I turn on the water for a shower and then leave the house in my towel. (That hasn’t happened yet, but honestly, it’s only a matter of time.) 

So, imagine my surprise, as I was taking notes during a call, I looked down and saw that I had written “take some time to travel.” Your guess is as good as mine about what that actually was about. I have no idea what it was in reference to or if someone had even said it. I’m not sure why I even wrote it down. 

But in some small way, I want to believe that my brain was urging me to do something for me (for once). It was all like, hey, Bailey, it’s your brain talking. I know, I know, I named myself. How cool is that? Anyway, you’re working me way too hard. Why don’t we get out of here for awhile?

And I will be this weekend. Getting out for here awhile, that is. And I think, at least this is what my brain says, that’s exactly what I need. 

And hey. Someone has to be looking out for you. It might as well be… you.