10 Ways to be Nice to Yourself Right Now

I think, as a human, it’s hard to be nice to yourself sometimes. But add in the fact that you’re a rather awkward and clumsy human…and it gets harder.  

So, we all need to remind ourselves that we’re not all that bad. And sometimes, we’re even that good. And here’s how you do it:

1. Find a mirror. Look yourself in the eye. And smile. (I bet you can’t resist smiling back!) 

2. Take yourself out for a treat. Ice cream. Chocolate. Broccoli. However you define “treat.”

3. Wrap yourself in a blanket so your whole body is inside the blanket. Roll around the floor a couple of times. Call yourself a burrito. 

4. Read a book out loud to yourself before you go to bed. It’ll remind you of what it was like to have a bedtime story read for you. 

5. Take a shower or a bath. Or just wash your hands in warm water. It’ll feel good. 

6. Watch cute animal videos. Actually, make a habit of watching cute animal videos. They’re good for the soul. 

7. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Count fireflies. Say hello to people. (But don’t overthink it.) 

8. Watch a movie or tv show that you just love. Stay in the moment. Really watch it, like it’s the first time. 

9. Talk to a friend. Vent. Then let them take care of you for a little while. Just until you feel better. 

10. Take one deep breath. Take another. And another. Remind yourself that you’re doing the best that you can. 

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