I found this wonderful quote by Wayne Dyer today:

When you dance, your purpose isn't to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.

I like this quote because it touches upon something that we all take advantage of: life. We race through the work week to get to Friday and the weekend. We stare at the clock, waiting to go somewhere else with someone else. All we do is try to waste time when we should be…well, living.

So I'd encourage you to dance. It's the only way to stop time completely. To say, I will enjoy this moment for the sole purpose that I'm alive and I'll shall ask for nothing more. I will enjoy this beat and this rhythm until it ends. And I will not wait for the next beat — I'll just dance right on through.

And don't forget that dancing is just usually fun in the first place so it's a great way to enjoy yourself anyway.

So, make time to dance. Turn up the music. And forget about time for awhile, except for the time you spend on your feet.

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