I Write

Do you ever wish you had a superpower? Invisibility? Ability to fly? Telepathy?

So, maybe you don’t have a superpower. But what about something you’re good at? A passion. Maybe you sing. Maybe you draw. Maybe you dance.

Me? I write. Which is basically what was in Pandora’s box when they let all the demons: its hope.

Like: I hope I get a career in writing. I hope I can write a book someday. I hope someone is reading this.

Yeah, it’s not the best superpower or the best passion. You can’t go on a competition show and write your way to fame and fortune. (You can write a mean birthday card for your friend, though.)

But it’s mine. And most days, I love writing. It’s when I’m not writing that I hate it.

So, write on. Dance on. Sing on. Draw on.

Live and love your passion.

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