Escape Artist

That’s right. I’m an escape artist. A regular Houdini.

And what do I escape from? Chains? Boxes? Tanks full of sharks?

Nope. Reality. In any way possible.

I read books or watch tv that takes me out of my reality. I read fantasy because it’s so different from my own life. I even watch cooking shows to live a day in the life of a great cook (which is definitely far from my reality).

But the problem is that you have to return to reality at some time. And it can be really jarring the farther you spin out.

So daydream responsibly. Be careful of how you try to escape from reality. Because how you escape matters. It needs to be a healthy release.

Take it from an expert—you don’t want your escape to become your permanent reality. And you don’t want your reality to just be an escape route.

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