New Year’s Resolutions

Whether or not you actually believe in them, I think it is still worthy to write down things that you want to do this year. Even if you abandon them by February, at least you have a goal.

Mine are:

1. Write more

2. Lose weight

3. Learn a language

4. Be more assertive

5. Be more grateful

What are yours?

One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Great resolutions. I have seen and heard less and less people making New Years resolutions over the past few years – why is that? Not really sure but it sounds like, from the few people willing to admit it, that they know they won’t keep them so why make them…. That saddens me. For the first time in several years I actually made a few, but they are more goals than resolutions. I made goals to run in several 5k races, I want to visit at least 5 States nearby that I have not been to before, and to take a photography class. That’s it – goals more than anything. Things I’m pretty sure I can live up to. Thanks for asking and have a great year!!

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