Do you know what real irony is?

When you grow up as a budding theater major, who had little to no problem getting up in front of her closest peers and reciting Shakespeare, and winning competitions, no less…

And then having to get up in front of a small group of people to give a work presentation and basically going out wicked witch of the west style into a melted puddle of embarrassment…

What is the deal? Where do I get my adult card punched so that I can get up in front of people and speak? Why is it so different from making a PowerPoint to baring my soul through literature?

I wish this was easier and I didn’t care so much. But if I didn’t care, what would be the point at all?

My definition of irony is acting apathetic when it actually means the world to you. So don’t be afraid to go down swinging. Just giving it everything you have will yield your best results, even if you could care less.

2 thoughts on “Irony

  1. It’s all about what is natural to you. I have similar issues – hate to talk about things I am not passionate about and most of the time I’m sure I sound like a fool. But, give me a topic I love and I’ll talk for hours about it if someone wants to hear it all. Don’t beat yourself up – you have your own niche and obviously it’s not PowerPoint ☺️

  2. I often have to teach rooms full of business people to pretend to be clever, and start the first day with “There’s something you need to know – I’m not a teacher” – it breaks the ice. Maybe you need a first slide that says “There’s something you need to know…”, and then something self deprecating.

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