I look at humanity this way:

Every day, we wake up cold. With a cold that seeps down in our bones and settles there. No morning shower can take it away. Not breakfast. Not exercise.

Then someone smiles at us. Asks us how we are. Gives up their seat on the train into work for us. And we thaw a little bit.

This happens all day until we get home, and we talk about our day with our loved ones, and we eat dinner, and we go to sleep – and we’re warm throughout. Until the night steals away our warmth, and we wake up cold again.

We can use anything as fuel. As long as it’s from another person. A compliment can warm us for weeks. An inspirational quote can stave off the cold for awhile. And a hug from a friend or a loved one will always do the trick.

It doesn’t matter what keeps you warm, as long as you seek to fend off the cold.

So, be someone else’s warmth. I doubt you’ll stay cold after it.

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