As a human, I’ve encountered stress. And my body unfortunately takes the brunt of it. My shoulders and neck become tight and I usually get a tension headache. But the main thing that happens is I clench my jaw real tight. Without even noticing it.

So, imagine my surprise when my dentist saw through me and asked if I had been clenching my jaw. I blinked at her and said yes. She said, “your mouth should be slightly parted at all times. You should never clench your jaw.”

Which, frankly, blew my mind. Now I was suddenly noticing all the times I clenched my jaw without realizing it, and all my focus was on opening my mouth, even just partly.

Which got me thinking about all the things we do without us realizing that actually get us into trouble. Like how we react to things without thinking how our reaction really affects us and those around us. How we eat food without thinking of how it will cause us to gain pounds down the road. How we stay up late at night without thinking about the consequences of having to get up for work the next day.

And so, I think it’s all time we think about these things. Even in a conscious effort to do a little better every day.

I still clench my jaw. But now I know what I’m looking for.



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