I do feel like there are followers, and there are leaders in this world.

But me? I’d be really good at being a peasant.

No, really. I’m very good at groveling, I’ve almost always had no money to speak of, and from chickens to ducks, I’ve taken care of all kinds of farm animals. I’m meek and shy around authority; I’m a peasant!

But being a peasant and being treated like one are two very different things. And I prefer to treat myself like a queen. Which in turn is how I want others to treat me.

Okay, maybe not a queen, eating grapes from people’s outstretched hands and being fanned with palms, but you get it.

You should always remind yourself of your royalty status. Even when you feel so low in the dirt that you could be a peasant.

You’re made of stardust. And that’s enough to be king or queen in my book.




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