You’ve been there. You buy guacamole or an avocado, and you turn away from it for a second, and it’s already gone brown.

So, if you’re like me, you use as MUCH guacamole as you can on one thing so that you don’t have to throw out the whole container at one time. Which you leaves you with a mountain of avocado on whatever you’re eating.

And so tonight, while I was eating my mountain of guacamole, I tried to think about what else is as ephemeral as avocado. It’s like the night-blooming cereus of the fruit world!

And I realized that the metaphor I was grasping for is that avocados are as ephemeral as life. So, you should always live with full flavor and like you’re going to be no good tomorrow. You should use every spoonful even if you’re already full.

Because life is nothing but short and delicious.



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