Objects in Mirror

Today, I was putting on a concert in my car. I was jamming out to My Chemical Romance’s “Helena” and pumping my fists. My mouth was open wide to hit all the high notes, and I was trying desperately to sing along to the lyrics.

Well, I guess I was putting on quite the show because the old, white man in front of me gave me the finger.

I guess he thought I was yelling at him? Or maybe he didn’t like my music. Or one thousand other reasons he maybe mistook the situation.

So, even though it still makes me irrationally angry because in my mind, I did nothing wrong, it pays to remember that things aren’t always what they seem, just like the objects in a car mirror are closer than they seem.

Maybe I was doing something wrong. Or maybe he was cranky.

All I know is that reality is messy. Don’t jump the gun to the wrong conclusions.



2 thoughts on “Objects in Mirror

  1. He might have been an old punk rocker from the 1970s. I’ve thrown the finger to quite a few bands that I liked in my day. Maybe seeing your mosh-pit performance brought him some good memories!

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