Repeating Myself

Do you ever feel like you’re repeating yourself?

I do. All the time. Especially on this blog. I’m so scared I’ll write the same blog post twice, make the same joke again, spout the same wisdom.

Hey, in 500 posts, you can’t help but repeat yourself once in awhile, right?

But at the same time, I don’t worry about it. Because it just means my brain is running down the same path, ready to embrace and understand something in a new light. It’s like reading a book more than once; you get something different every time you read it. You just have to think that you’re in the same place for a different reason. That you’re there to learn something else that you passed by once before.

So, forgive me, if I repeat myself. My only desire is to beat you over the head with a topic until it gets through your thick skull.

Or I’ve completely forgotten that I’ve done it before. Either or.



No Comparison

To use an overused metaphor, life is like a marathon.

It’s long, it’s grueling, and you’re surrounded by strangers.

But don’t worry, it’s not all bad – you’re also running.

But what you definitely shouldn’t do in life and in running a marathon is compare yourself to others.

You’re you. And there’s no one quite like you. So instead of falling down a hole of why is she running faster than me? why is he skinnier than me? am I falling behind? Trust that you are going on the journey that fits you. Trust that you are where you’re supposed to be. And trust, that everyone around you, for some reason or another, is cheering you on.

So, keep going. Don’t look back. And don’t compare yourself to others. Oh, and don’t trip.

Rainy Day

Save it for a rainy day…

If you were waiting, or putting off something, for a rainy day, well, here’s your sign.

It’s plenty rainy on the East Coast right now, so I’m taking this opportunity to extend you the same courtesy.

If you’ve been waiting to do something, like cleaning something out, or getting your finances in order, or just relaxing, take some time to do it today.

You never know when you’ll have time again, or if you even will.



Hole in Me

I think of flaws as a big hole right in the center of you, somewhere between your heart and your stomach. And it’s sort of like a black hole, a vacuum, it’s just sucking in everything around it until you can’t breathe, and all you know is your failings. So, to stop the feeling, you plug it up and fill it with anything you can. Which is usually just assurances that you’ll do better next time.

But you shouldn’t see your flaws as something to plug or to smooth out. Your edges are made jagged, like a puzzle piece to fit into something larger. So, the negative spaces are really just where you fit in better.

You should see your flaws as part of you, just like your heart or your stomach. And embrace them as best that you can. Because at the end of the day, it’s you and all that stuff stuck in your head. You have to come to terms with it sometime.




I do feel like there are followers, and there are leaders in this world.

But me? I’d be really good at being a peasant.

No, really. I’m very good at groveling, I’ve almost always had no money to speak of, and from chickens to ducks, I’ve taken care of all kinds of farm animals. I’m meek and shy around authority; I’m a peasant!

But being a peasant and being treated like one are two very different things. And I prefer to treat myself like a queen. Which in turn is how I want others to treat me.

Okay, maybe not a queen, eating grapes from people’s outstretched hands and being fanned with palms, but you get it.

You should always remind yourself of your royalty status. Even when you feel so low in the dirt that you could be a peasant.

You’re made of stardust. And that’s enough to be king or queen in my book.




I Love My Partner

Every night, when I write my blog, my husband, my partner, sits next to me on the couch and asks me what I’m writing. Inevitably, when I don’t answer, he says in a falsetto, “are you writing about how much you love your husband?” And I inevitably laugh and tell him no.

Well, tonight, my husband is not next to me on the couch. He is down in the basement snaking a drain so that we don’t have to pay an exorbitant amount of money to stop our basement from flooding.

And I couldn’t appreciate him more. I couldn’t be prouder of his can-do attitude. And even though he is cursing a blue streak at the moment, I am glad to call him my partner.

And friendly reminder, we all have partners in this life. It doesn’t have to be a romantic partner; it could be a best friend, or your mom and dad, or your roommate.  It’s just someone who knows you and can be there for you when you get down, or for when you need to make a really big decision, or when your pipe gets clogged and you need to snake it.

So, Tim, here’s your post. I’m finally writing about how much I love you. And how much is that you might ask? Well, at the risk of losing followers over this mushy stuff, I can tell you that it’s quite a lot. Much more than the 75 feet that snake has.