On my house hunt, my mom visited a psychic. (Before I go any further, I have to say, I do believe in psychics, ghosts, and whatever takes your socks from the dryer so you only have one of the pair. And I have to admit, if I didn’t believe in all these things, life would be oh so boring.)

Anyway, the psychic said that I was going to buy a house near water. And for you skeptics out there, I agree that it was a pretty general thing to say. But did that stop me from looking for water around every house? I would see a river running in the backyard or a fountain and I’d go THIS IS IT! And then, it wouldn’t be and I would say, “but I thought you said…”

Then we bought the home we currently live in. It was utterly devoid of water, until my friendly neighbor told us there is a creek in the back of the next house over. So, there’s my water and everything is right with the world.

But despite the obvious “don’t believe in psychics,” there’s another lesson here.

Just because you have the sign you’re looking for doesn’t mean that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

I went through many houses that I thought were the one, and you’ll do that too. You’ll think something is a sign, but for what, is unclear. And you’ll get your sign, but who knows, what if that leaves you down the wrong path?

So, be cautious of signs and remember, what you’re looking for isn’t always what you’ll want in the end.




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