I Can Do This

It’s Wednesday, and with or without a global pandemic, we all need a little positivity and affirmation in our lives for the middle of the week.

So, just repeat after me: “I can do this.”

Whether you’re just trying to stay on the couch and not go out in public, or you’re trying to keep your kids entertained, or you’re going to your 3rd or 4th shift of the week at a hospital or medical facility.

It’s okay to feel tired and worn out, even if your job is to just sit around and do nothing. We’re all fighting hard battles during this time, on the inside and out. Lots of people are feeling the exact same way that you do.

The thing that makes you different is that you get back up and say, “I can do this.”

And it’s okay if you add, “I can do this…later. Or I can do this…in a little while.”

Just take breaks, breathe, and remember: you got this.

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