Warm Compress

I have a stye in my eye (and I’m pretty sure they named it that because it rhymes) and it’s pretty much the hangnail of infections. (It’s just when your eyelid gets clogged, like a pimple.) It’s definitely not too serious, but it is rather painful when I blink. (Which I’ve noticed is ALL THE TIME.)

Cue my discomfort. So, I went on the trusty internet today to see if I could find any home remedies for it. Over and over again, I saw that the best way to deal with a stye is to hold a warm washcloth over your eye for around 15 minutes to help ease away the pain and infection (which I kind of already knew). But no drugs, no surgeries. Just warm water and a clean washcloth.

It struck me that a remedy that we (as humans) have been using for years is still what the doctor orders years later.

So, I realized that simple home remedies are the things that will get us through this crisis. THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT YOU SHOULD TREAT CORONAVIRUS WITH HONEY AND LEMON. GO TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS.

Here’s my home remedy that you can use:

1 cup of laughter

3 heaping spoonfuls of your favorite meal

2 tablespoons of a good book

1 pinch of warm blankets

and a dash of relaxation

Mix together and apply liberally. Repeat if desired.



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