If It Makes You Happy

then it can’t be that baaaaad!

Okay, Sheryl Crow aside, it can be pretty easy to feel guilty about some things in these difficult times.

It’s all: why am I eating that and why am I not doing anything and I’ve read this book/watched this movie 1,000 times…why am I doing that?

And the answer is: it probably makes you happy. And happiness is so hard to find in these times that in some ways, it probably doesn’t matter why you’re doing it. If you can find some pleasure in it instead of sadness, or anger, or apathy then there’s probably a good reason for you to do it again.

And if it’s the simple reason that it happens to make you happy, then why not?

Reach for the simple and good things during this time. It can sometimes be all we have.




Today’s weather was miserable. It had strong winds and a dousing rain. It was cloudy, it was muddy, and it was most definitely wet.

And so I was a bit miserable too. It’s a Monday, it’s rainy, and it’s just another reason to stay inside (as if I needed one).

But today was also a reminder that whatever you’re feeling right now about the quarantine, about social distancing, and about the virus, you can and should be feeling it.

You can be sad, disappointed, mad, tired, frustrated, relaxed, grateful, anything!

If you’re feeling it, then it’s a valid feeling.

So, if you are going to take today to be miserable, like me, then have at it!

All feelings are good. And no one should tell you how to feel.



To Do

In this time of staying inside, it’s easy to look around and see the things that you need to tend to and that should be on your “to do” list.

But the problem with that is that you end up not really seeing the things for what they are.

For example, I have a large pile of TBR (to be read) books. Actually, most of my bookshelves I haven’t read. So, when I look at my ever-growing pile next to my bed or on my reading cart, I can’t help but want to feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment for when I finish them. When what I should feel is excitement and anticipation at reading a new story.

So, the next time that you look at your “to do” list, try to feel a sense of gratefulness and appreciation instead of anxiety. See that pile of laundry is actually a gift that you were able to afford all of those clothes. Think about the great meals you had on the dishes you have to wash. And remember the joy in growing things when you look at the dark patches of dirt out in your garden.

Don’t see it as a chore but a chance to see something beautiful.



I Can Do This

It’s Wednesday, and with or without a global pandemic, we all need a little positivity and affirmation in our lives for the middle of the week.

So, just repeat after me: “I can do this.”

Whether you’re just trying to stay on the couch and not go out in public, or you’re trying to keep your kids entertained, or you’re going to your 3rd or 4th shift of the week at a hospital or medical facility.

It’s okay to feel tired and worn out, even if your job is to just sit around and do nothing. We’re all fighting hard battles during this time, on the inside and out. Lots of people are feeling the exact same way that you do.

The thing that makes you different is that you get back up and say, “I can do this.”

And it’s okay if you add, “I can do this…later. Or I can do this…in a little while.”

Just take breaks, breathe, and remember: you got this.


It’s easy to feel like you’re not doing much when you’re at home. Staring out windows, bingeing miles of TV, and wearing sweatpants can make it feel like you’re being lazy.

When in reality, you’re doing your part to fight this virus.

No, really. If you’re staying home and inside, you’re actually fighting and fighting hard. I know, most days it just feels like you’re fighting the urge to visit your family and friends. But it is so critical that you practice social distancing and fight the good fight.

So, keep fighting. And if that looks like sitting on your couch, eating snacks, and shopping online. So be it.

It’s more important than you think it is.



Your Decision

Whether you are picking up a new skill set or just trying to keep your head above water, it’s important to remember where your power lies in this trying time.

It lies within you.

You have the power to change things you don’t like. It just starts with saying: I. Am. Tired. of _____.

And then you decide what happens next. That’s right, you decide.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. You have to remember that you are at the helm of your own ship (relationship, friendship, or any other kind of ship.)

So, you pick where to sail to next – out into deeper waters or off a cliff.

It’s your decision. Even when things feel really out of hand.




Do What You Can

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. – Theodore Roosevelt

This is one of my favorite quotes, even when we aren’t in panic mode.

But I think it applies to our situation now too.

Do what you can is the rallying cry of homeworkers, homeschoolers, and people struggling everywhere.

However, if the internet is any measure, some people are taking the opportunity to clean things out, get rid of things, and just be productive.

But if you’re still struggling to do the simplest task, or you’re burdened by depression or anxiety, or you’re an essential worker on the front lines, my advice is the same.

Do what you can. Leave the rest.



The Impossible

I thought a lot of things were impossible at the start of this crisis.

But if there’s one thing that coronavirus has taught me, it’s that nothing is impossible.

The cool thing is that people who thought things were impossible right now are being proved wrong everyday.

I could never home-school my kids…yes, you can! And you’re doing it right now!

I can’t get anything done when I work from home… yes, you can! And with determination, it’s easy!

I can’t make my own meals for myself instead of going to a restaurant…yes, you can! And you can continue to do it!

I can’t stay at home all the time…yes, you can! And you should!

So, during this crisis, redefine what it means to do the impossible. Because you do it everyday. You just may not realize it.