Be Kind To Yourself

This is TiffaniJane. She writes with a vulnerable heart and this particular blogpost is one after my own heart. Go read her blog!


Lately I’ve found myself saying some really mean things. Not to other people but to myself.

I have two sick parents and when I say sick I mean diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, vision and hearing problems, liver and kidney problems, cancer, epilepsy and the list goes on.

And sometimes I’m not my highest self.  The truth is…I’m grieving yesteryear while trying to accept today and sometimes I’m not my best self – I can be impatient and short – not at all who I aspire to be.

Here are some of the things I’ve said to myself – “Why did you say it like that? You should’ve just listened.”

“You should have been better.” And the most distressing, “What if that was the last time you’ll ever get to talk to them?” – That’s anxiety speaking.

Then one day, after an army of negative thoughts steamrolled my good mood, I thought…

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