I muted my social media account that is linked to this blog for one week in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. But now that it is time to go back to my normal posting schedule, I’m a little bit speechless.

What do you say to a nation of people that have been hurting since this country came into being?

What do you say to people that tell you you’re just wrong for being who you are?

What do you say to a people that have nothing left to give but still have to fight?

You don’t say anything. You learn and you listen.

And a lot of people will say, Bailey you don’t write anything political on your blog. You just want to be a light and a source of good.

And I say to them, this isn’t a political issue. It’s a human issue.

So while I am still posting, I will still be learning and listening. I will be posting resources on my social media page for this blog, @baileydaileywrites so feel free to follow me there.

Be safe and be well.




I don’t know if I have any international readers, but if I do, here’s a quick peek into the American healthcare system.

  • Need pills
  • Go to doctor
  • Doctor prescribes pills
  • Sends script to pharmacy
  • Pharmacy calls you
  • Go to pharmacy
  • No pills
  • Call doctor
  • Doctor calls pharmacy
  • Pharmacy calls you
  • Go back to pharmacy
  • Gets pills
  • Takes pills
  • Repeat next refill

And for people like me who need medications to generally live their life, it’s really critical that I get my pills refilled on time.

So, tonight, I’d like to celebrate a wonderful, small moment in my day, where my pills get refilled. There’s truly nothing like tipping over the pill bottle and feeling all those little lifelines puddle in your hand. And not to mention the feeling that you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of calling your doctor so that she can call your pharmacy and your pharmacy can call you. For introverts like me, the less time on the phone making complicated requests, the better.

And no, I’m not a drug addict. I take thyroid medication that I am indebted to because without it, I’d be a cranky, exhausted shell of a person. So, yes, it is really important that I get my pills on time, and it’s nice to celebrate something so little about your day.

So, whatever you take your pills for,  raise the bottles and shake them like maracas. That’s the sound of you living your best life.


Sorry, I Was in the Hospital

I’m really sorry. I was in the hospital over the weekend, and I took a little time off from everything, including blogging for the past two days.

And at the same time, I’m not sorry about that. (Well, I mean, I would prefer not to go back into the hospital.)

Listen, I know that I have a responsibility to my readers and to all of the other things I do on a daily basis. I know that I am an important cog in the machine, as we are all (asked to believe). And I apologize for letting some things slide, especially this blog. But I am truly not sorry for taking the time off.

In reality, I think that I (as a citizen of this country) have a serious problem with work ethic and productivity. Of course, I may not live in the worst nation in this department and we’re probably even in denial about that, but I think there’s a serious disconnect when it comes to vacation time and the rest of our time in America, and what happens when we try to split the difference.

You see, I know I’m not alone in the fact that I’m afraid to miss any time from work or any of my extracurricular activities. It just makes me generally anxious. I’m all like, What if someone needs something, and I’m not there? Or worse, what if no one even realized I was gone? 

The problem is that when you are burning the candle at both ends and the midnight oil, your body will let you know that this can’t continue, which mine did. And when that happens, it makes you feel like you’ve been missing the signs all along and that you could have possibly prevented it if you picked your head up once in awhile.

So, in some respect, the fact that I even have to say the words in the title of this blog post is evidence of all of our issues and stigma about being able to take the time we need to recharge and rejuvenate ourselves. I shouldn’t even have to apologize for being in the hospital because it’s something that I would certainly classify under “unable to be helped, whatsoever.” It’s not exactly like I chose to be there. And yet, I still felt (and still do) that I owed everyone an apology for not acting as expected and for showing up late to my own party, in effect. I feel somehow responsible for a job not done.

But please take it from me: you do not want to realize that you need some down time when a nice nurse is jamming an IV into your hand and you’re being told that you can go home…as soon as your blood pressure climbs down from the rafters. Be kind to yourself out there and listen closely to what you need. And remember that sick days should not be used solely by the sick. Instead, they sometimes need to be used by the perfectly healthy in order to ward off what they are actually intended for.


On this July 4th, this most regal of holiday, with plenty of domestic beer and hot dog eating contests, I feel compelled to reflect on my country of origin. This is an incredibly difficult undertaking because it will take everything in my being not to fume (did I say fume? I mean explode.) over the decision made earlier this week by the Supreme Court  regarding women’s healthcare, namely contraceptives. No, I will not discuss the idiocy that courses through this country to have four men allowed to make a decision that does not affect their lives because they are, quite apparently, not female. And to be honest, this isn’t the first thing that America has done that is completely stupid in awhile, it’s just the most recent.

But isn’t this what makes the “home of the brave” great? We let everyone have a say and an opinion. We let even the most simple- and close-minded people freely speak, even though the rest of us want to tape their mouths shut. In the name of freedom, of course. 

But I wouldn’t have us any other way.

Sure, as a country, generally speaking, we are a bit too obsessed with food and a little behind in education. But I’ve never met more passionate people than Americans. And we’re passionate about everything. Media, beer, technology, food, fashion, art, etc. You name it, and we have someone who has absolutely dedicated their life to making the entire industry better.

And I’m not saying that other countries aren’t, uh, better than America. I’m going to say this slowly so I don’t get a million accusations of egocentrism in the comments. Plenty of countries are so much better than America, and we all know it. China is advancing as a society at an alarming rate. The Scandinavian countries have some of the best schools in the world. The Netherlands does everything, well, better than here. Including solar roadways. Hell, I lived in Ireland for several months, and I seriously question my sanity for coming back. I mean, they have beer AND a beautiful countryside? What more could you want?

But it isn’t home. And I don’t consider America home because I grew up here. I call America home because it calls me home. I can’t find a place where I can be more myself. We are called the land of the free for a reason. We are free to live, and love, and be. And we may try to control each other’s lives but somehow, we return to our roots. And we remember that this country was created to escape persecution, not to embrace it. We are a haven for others, and despite certain, offensive individuals, we are an accepting and loving people. I don’t mean to get on my soapbox, and I’m not about to quote the Statue of Liberty, but I think we should all remember what our troops see in our country to want to fight for it. It’s not perfect, but it’s ours. I may not always live in America, but it will always hold a place in my heart.

So, I absolutely encourage you to travel the world. There’s some wonders out there that you should not miss. But if you ever want to be a competitive eater, you should come here. And seriously, if you want to find a true home for life, come to America. We’ll feed you (a lot) and keep you safe. We promise.