What’s Best

When you have something or someone that you love, you want to dote on them. Spoil them. Treat them right.

Like if you have kids, you want to make them happy. If you have a partner, you want to make him/her happy. Even if you have a dog, you want to make him/her happy.

So, you feed them. You buy them nice things. You spend time with them.

But you end up overfeeding them. Buying them too many things so you’re out of money. Spending too much time with them.

If you really loved them, you would want them to be healthy. And do what’s best for them.

And what’s best for them is not always what they want all the time. Sometimes, it’s more about what they need.

It can be tricky. It can hurt. And it can feel like you’re not loving them as much as you should.

But if you’re doing what’s best, you’re doing it right.



Boy Pets Dog

I had a terrible day today. There was really nothing good about it, and I don’t really want to bring y’all down by talking about it…

But there was one thing.

The one thing that was good about my day was that I was so angry that I took a long walk to cool off…

(That wasn’t the good part.)

And as I was walking, the cool breeze lifted my hair while the sun simultaneously warmed me…

(Not yet.)

And I was walking by some really quaint and beautiful houses…

(Almost there.)

And a woman was walking into her yard while a young boy played in the yard next to her. She was walking a black lab. The young boy saw her and ran over. He greeted her and very gently pet her dog who loved the attention. He then thanked the woman and ran back into his yard. And I can only predict that this is a ritual he conducts every day, and that the woman loves it, and the dog loves it.

And now I love it. Because it was the purest and best thing about my day. Because the boy was happy, and the dog was happy, and the woman was happy.

Which just goes to show you that there’s always something good to hold onto. Even if it has absolutely nothing to do with you. And you only experienced it because you were angry in the first place.

My only hope for you is that you are always on the lookout for your “boy pets dog” moment every day.