The Most Excitement

Okay, okay. I have to admit that nothing is really happening right now. On a Wednesday in quarantine. And you’re probably like, no, probably not. 

But even if it wasn’t during quarantine, there probably still wouldn’t be much going on.

And that’s okay.

Because not every day is the most exciting day of your life. Some days it’s just a Wednesday and sometimes, it’s a holiday and sometimes it’s a day when you’re stuck in quarantine.

But it doesn’t make it any less special. Celebrate the little things. Get excited about the mail coming. Get excited about anything at all.

And try your best to not live your whole life on a Friday. Just because the most excitement in your day is something small, doesn’t mean it’s not worth something.



Week’s End

TGIF, am I right?

It’s been a long week for everyone after the holidays, no matter how much you like your job (and I do!)

But just looking forward to the weekend is not the smartest plan either. It’s short, only two days essentially, and it’s usually packed with a million errands to run or chores to complete. It’s hard to get totally excited about the weekend either.

So, how about an alternative? Why don’t we just celebrate Friday, the week’s end instead of the weekend?

Friday is great. In the 90’s, it meant a special lineup of TV (like Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and eating pizza (even though I can’t do that anymore). It’s productive – you still have to get through a day at work, but the night is yours and it’s young when you get home because you have Saturday to bounce back on. Friday is swollen with opportunity and potential.

So tomorrow, squeeze the most out of your Friday, the week’s end. You know, before the weekend kicks in.

Friday the 13th

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. 

The bad luck motherload. The horror of horrible days. The superstition, the legend. 

But what does that really mean? You may have “bad luck” every day. What would make one day any different? 

Well, you could say that people make their own luck and it doesn’t really matter that a string of unfortunate, unruly events occur because they’re not related. 


You could use this day as a proverbial hall pass. Mess stuff up and make mistakes, and don’t blame yourself. Just for one day. I mean, don’t go asking for a black cat to hold or for a mirror to break, but maybe instead of a day to fear, you can embrace it as a day to not be perfect without having to hold yourself responsible. Why not just blame it all on bad luck? When else can you use that excuse, after all?

Because whatever Friday the 13 may mean to you, (“oh no!” Or “who cares?”) it can be your scapegoat. Just like any Monday, you’ll say, “oh sure. It makes sense that I dropped my phone in the toilet. It’s Friday the 13th after all.” 

And that’s sort of a relief instead of a scare. Just try not to press your luck too much. Even bad luck has its limits. 

Why We All Love Friday

Ah, yes, tomorrow is Friday. That holiest and most wonderful of days where the pleasures of sleeping in past our alarms’ urgent ringing and the allure of making up our own schedule (which may or may not consist of doing absolutely nothing) beckons. And who doesn’t wait for Friday? Who doesn’t give in to its romantic appeal? Brittany, it says, Brittany, we’re going to happy hour. You love happy hour on Friday. Aren’t you so excited?

Yes, Brittany. Of course you are excited. You’re allowed to take your mind off things and take things off your mind on Friday. It’s the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card. (Depending on how much you like your job, you can take that whole “jail” concept as literally as you’d like it to go.)

But I have a theory about why we all really love Friday, and it’s not simply because it’s the beginning of our weekend. Rather, it’s the day that we no longer become a slave to time.

Think about it. Monday through Thursday, you work to fit your activities into a single 24-hour period. You’re watching that clock to see when you have permission to stop one thing and start another. Okay, I can take my lunch at 1:00 today since I have a meeting at 2:00, but I can’t forget to drop off the marketing materials at 3:00…Put simply, your entire life is run by what time dictates.

However, there is a different philosophy on Friday, isn’t there? It’s a It can wait ideal. It’s a At least I made it to Friday mindset. And everyone stops looking at the clock. Not because they no longer care about their responsibilities for that week. Not even because their mind is already on the weekend. Quite the opposite: they want time to finally slow down. They want time to take an extra minute’s rest every once in awhile, now that it’s Friday.

My theory? Everyone loves Friday because they are finally living in the moment.

And what does that mean exactly? Well, it means that people have stopped thinking about what will happen next or what has happened before. On Friday, everyone is peaceful because they are present. And so, they are unknowingly practicing mindfulness, a core principle of meditation.

Of course, if this is true, then how do we master this technique on a Tuesday, for instance?

Personally, I like to read to achieve this same result. I can’t jump the track, so to speak, only reading one word at a time, so this is my version of living in the moment. But for you, it could simply be breathing or sitting quietly. As your yogi is probably always reminding you, bring yourself back to the moment. This is all we know for certain, and it is all the peace we have.

So, the next time that you feel yourself yearning for Friday, pull yourself back and cover the hands of the clock with yours. Everything arrives in time, and in that same time, it leaves.

In simpler words, make every single, solitary moment count. Even Friday.