Archers Never Made Good Kings

… is an excellent line in the song “Archer” by the Ballroom Thieves that really got me thinking today.

And my message is simple: Archers never made good kings.

Which in my own head means simply you can’t be on the defensive and the offensive at the same time.

Which means simply, stop trying to get better when you are healing.

And if that doesn’t help, simply, knock it the hell off.

Maybe I’m reading too much into one line, but hey, I was an English/Communications major. The curtains are blue for a reason.

So, what to do with that advice? Like I said, simple. Take your time and do one thing at a time. Be an archer – aim for your target. Or be a king – revel in your good fortune. But you can’t do both. You can’t grow and be content at the same time.

Remember that for the New Year season. It’s okay to try and be a better person, and it’s also great to be grateful for what you have and want things to slow down for a minute.

It’s good to have goals but don’t pull the string too taut on your dreams. You never know, you might be king one day.




New Year, Same Me

Ah, the early days of January.

The New Year is shiny and bright and it’s time to make New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Lose weight
  2. Lose some more weight
  3. Go running to lose weight
  4. And finally, tone up

And it’s really great for awhile. You get new jogging pants for the holidays and your running shoes lace on tight. And then, one thing leads to another and you just decide one day, probably a rainy day, that you don’t feel like running. And you think, it’s just one day. I deserve a day of rest after all.

Until it turns into two days, then a week, and then it’s February, March, April, May, June, and holy crap, it’s bathing suit season again.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I get it – that’s exactly what happened with this blog. I took a break. And then I took another one. And another one. And suddenly, it’s now 2020. Which is fine. Except…When I really looked back on my 2019, I couldn’t say it was all bad. I bought my first house, celebrated my first wedding anniversary, watched my sister get engaged, stayed at my great job, watched one of my other best friends get engaged, and just generally had a great time hanging out with the people I love.

But I didn’t have anything to show for 2019 either. I’m still writing a book that has taken me a decade to write. (I’m not even out of the first draft yet.) I usually keep a jar things I’m grateful for, and this past year, I had three things in it. Three. From a whole year!

So, I’ve decided to take this blog back. Back from the dust. Back from the hanging, snarled ivy. I love BaileyDailey, and I’m proud of it. I don’t even know who reads this besides my mom. But if you’re reading this right now, then I thank you.

But I want you to know, with all my heart, that your body will ALWAYS be ready for a bathing suit at any time, and please know that you can always start again.

So, here we go 2020. Bailey Dailey revisited.

You know the drill: I post Mon-Thurs, and I get the weekends off (to hopefully write my book).

Thanks, ya’ll. Cheers to starting over.



New Year’s Resolutions

Whether or not you actually believe in them, I think it is still worthy to write down things that you want to do this year. Even if you abandon them by February, at least you have a goal.

Mine are:

1. Write more

2. Lose weight

3. Learn a language

4. Be more assertive

5. Be more grateful

What are yours?


So, what are your New Years resolutions?

C’mon, don’t act like you didn’t make them. Don’t pretend like you’re too jaded for the new year. (Although I will admit, you can start to be a new you any day of the week. You really don’t need to start at the new year.)

So, why didn’t you?

I think the biggest reason people don’t make resolutions is that they think they need to “resolve” something. They think they need to start at square 1 and be at square 365 by the end of the year. That everyday needs to be pure progress instead of one step forward and two steps back.

But that’s the nature of things, really. It’s a process, not a one and done. It’s why you should think of yourself as being “resolute” in your resolutions instead of resolving something. Just be firm in what you want to do and you won’t notice that the problem at the end of the year isn’t fixed. You’ll just be happy that you focused on something for a whole year and put your energy into it.

So, what are my resolutions? I have a lot to be “resolute” on, but here’s a couple:

  1. Lose weight

I’m sure that one is no surprise to you, and it’s probably on your list too. The problem is that it’s really generic. You need to set goals and deadlines for weight loss goals, not just say you’re going to do it. Like, I’ll lose 2 lbs. by March 1, etc. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll set your goal really high but will be really happy with any progress at all. For me, I’m going to try to eat less carbs and focus on meat and vegetables as the main part of my diet. (What do you expect? I have two food allergies! There’s not much left!)

2. Learn a new language

Not every resolution has to be about making yourself better. It can just be something you want to do. Focus your energy on learning something specific like a language or a hobby, and you can count your time working toward your goal just by reading about it on Wikipedia. (It’s a lot less strenuous than exercising!)

3.  Notice more

Sure, I can achieve this just by putting down my phone when I’m  walking down the street. But this also means noticing when I’m happy and noticing when my body is sore and when I’m thirsty and when I’m bored and everything around me. Because we internalize a lot of things all day, but when was the last thing you actually noticed something? Really took it in? (I’m hoping this blog will help!)

And that’s it! Have a great year out there! Just remember to be resolute, not resolving!

5 Things You Can Do Instead of Making a Resolution This Year

If you didn’t know it by now, it is the end of the year. Yes, if you have avoided all of those weight loss/gym commercials, if you haven’t see all of the ads that show people drinking out of plastic champagne flutes, if you haven’t been on the Internet to see every blogger telling you how to love yourself and make this your year, then congratulations. You’ve stumbled across this blog, and you will inevitably have to hear all of this from me.

Or will you?

Actually, you won’t. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to wait an entire year to start your life over, to pick up a new leaf. But if you are looking to make a change this year, you don’t have to chip away piece by piece at resolutions. You don’t have to torture yourself with an unused gym membership or self-degrading sticky notes that remind you of your commitment.

Instead, let’s take stock of what our resolutions are all about. Let me guess: you want to lose weight, find happiness, travel more, fall in love, and be a better person in general. But do you know what you really want? You want to leave the routine that you currently inhabit. That’s all. And believe me, that does not require an entire resolution. Why put yourself through all of that pressure anyway? Why shackle yourself to something that may not even apply to you in a few months? Why don’t you resolve to ignore your resolutions and do one of the following?

1. Say Yes More

– We all know the story. You’ve had a long day. You are looking forward to unwinding in front of the television or behind a book. Really, you’d prefer to stay in on this Friday night. But stay in every Friday night? I didn’t think so. Unfortunately, you are in the habit of saying no, and your friends are now able to predict your answer. Well, you should surprise them by saying yes next time. Actually, you should surprise everyone by saying yes to anything you would normally pass over. It may have been easy to get into this routine, but I promise that it will be just as easy to get out.

2. Count Your Blessings

-Any way you want to do this is fine. Write all the goods things that have happened in a year on pieces of paper and put them in a jar or place little pebbles in a box, one per happiness. However you do it, you should simply be conscious of the fact that there are great things happening in your life. It takes the focus off the painful agony of invisible progress and gives you something to celebrate right now.

3. Read a Book

-Maybe I’m biased (okay, not biased, just flat-out opinionated), but reading is a panacea. Books can educate you, comfort you, and inspire you. But the best part? When you finish a book, however small, it feels like an accomplishment. It feels like you’ve conquered something. And trust me, if you need something outside of your routine, books can take you there. Nothing can fill you up with wanderlust for places you’ve never been and homesickness for places you can never visit like books.

4. Be Present

-The real reason you want to start over this year and make it a year to remember is because the last 365 days have started to run into each other, and you’re not really sure if anything memorable happened last year. That routine you’ve been inhabiting is simply a symptom of staring at the clock, willing each minute to pass so you can go home and do it all over again. It’s why you’ve felt like your life isn’t amounting to anything. Instead, try to stay in the moment. Don’t think about the next second, just enjoy this one. And if you need help practicing, try to pick up meditation (yes, there’s an app for that) or keep a daily journal (or a daily blog, for that matter!).

5. Restart Everyday

-Yup, it’s New Year’s day and everything is shiny and bright. And then what happens on January 2nd? You are in the snack cabinet, scrolling through a dating website,  half-committed to everything you said you would do. You then find yourself cursing the new year before it has even started. Do me a favor, and cut out those last few steps by just starting each day anew. If you made a mistake yesterday, don’t let it stain today. Every day should be a new year with fresh beginnings for you to carve out for yourself.

So, don’t worry about running on the treadmill or traveling the world. Take one day at a time and get a library card. 2015 will treat you just fine.