The Most Excitement

Okay, okay. I have to admit that nothing is really happening right now. On a Wednesday in quarantine. And you’re probably like, no, probably not. 

But even if it wasn’t during quarantine, there probably still wouldn’t be much going on.

And that’s okay.

Because not every day is the most exciting day of your life. Some days it’s just a Wednesday and sometimes, it’s a holiday and sometimes it’s a day when you’re stuck in quarantine.

But it doesn’t make it any less special. Celebrate the little things. Get excited about the mail coming. Get excited about anything at all.

And try your best to not live your whole life on a Friday. Just because the most excitement in your day is something small, doesn’t mean it’s not worth something.




Thank God For Friends!

So, unlike TGIF, TGFF is used solely during quarantine. It’s for when you have Zoom calls with your friends until the wee hours of the morning. It’s for when you get texts just because. It’s for when you get letters in the mail addressed to you.

It’s for when your friends come through for you, like never before.

True, I haven’t spoken to all of my friends, but I’ve spoken to a good portion of them. And seeing or hearing every single one of them has truly made a difference.

So @ all my friends, you’re the best and I’ll see you again soon.



Love Them Harder

I think we can all say that we’re having a hard time out here in quarantine.

Everybody has their bad days, but we seem to have a string of them in a row. People are cranky, they’re tired, they’re whiny.

Oh, and that’s just the adults. Don’t get me started on the kids.

But on days like these, there is one clear message: the harder the day, the harder you have to love them.

So, if you’re angry, upset, anxious, you are in need of love. From yourself, from a friend, or from family. Remind people around you that instead of getting mad at you for your anger, your mood, or your anxiety, that you need love. Now more than ever.

Keep extending love to those who need it, and those who need it the most.



Starving for Social

I don’t like talking. Period. I typically keep my head down, literally and figuratively, when someone strikes up a conversation.

But as I was just walking around my neighborhood, a really nice woman hailed me from her front lawn. She struck up a conversation. And I was stuck.

I don’t even know what I said to her; it was all a blur.

All I can say was that it was a very pleasant conversation, and she was an extremely nice lady. I almost didn’t want to keep walking; she just had that air that she was someone I wanted to talk to.

That was probably my first conversation with a stranger since quarantine started.

And I needed it. And she probably needed it.

So, during this difficult time, remember that people need to feel less lonely. Even for a minute. So, even if you are a hardcore introvert like me, just try to be brave and say hello. Everyone’s isolated, but they don’t need to feel that way.



Red Letter Day

In quarantine, all of the days blend together. They all end in “y” and nothing really happens. So, what I’ve been doing is tracking the weather. Is it going to be a particularly sunny day? Is there going to be thunderstorms? I then immediately look forward to that day. Because it’s just a break in the monotony.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Any day can be a red letter day, if you decide it is.

You don’t have to wait for something to be going on to make your life worth living. Or so I have been taught by this virus. (I know it’s new to me too.)

So, try to have a good day even on a Thursday. Even if you don’t have anything else planned. Even if you don’t have anything going on. Even if you’re still in your pajamas.

Make it what you want.



Warm Compress

I have a stye in my eye (and I’m pretty sure they named it that because it rhymes) and it’s pretty much the hangnail of infections. (It’s just when your eyelid gets clogged, like a pimple.) It’s definitely not too serious, but it is rather painful when I blink. (Which I’ve noticed is ALL THE TIME.)

Cue my discomfort. So, I went on the trusty internet today to see if I could find any home remedies for it. Over and over again, I saw that the best way to deal with a stye is to hold a warm washcloth over your eye for around 15 minutes to help ease away the pain and infection (which I kind of already knew). But no drugs, no surgeries. Just warm water and a clean washcloth.

It struck me that a remedy that we (as humans) have been using for years is still what the doctor orders years later.

So, I realized that simple home remedies are the things that will get us through this crisis. THAT IS NOT TO SAY THAT YOU SHOULD TREAT CORONAVIRUS WITH HONEY AND LEMON. GO TO A DOCTOR IMMEDIATELY IF YOU THINK YOU HAVE SYMPTOMS.

Here’s my home remedy that you can use:

1 cup of laughter

3 heaping spoonfuls of your favorite meal

2 tablespoons of a good book

1 pinch of warm blankets

and a dash of relaxation

Mix together and apply liberally. Repeat if desired.



If It Makes You Happy

then it can’t be that baaaaad!

Okay, Sheryl Crow aside, it can be pretty easy to feel guilty about some things in these difficult times.

It’s all: why am I eating that and why am I not doing anything and I’ve read this book/watched this movie 1,000 times…why am I doing that?

And the answer is: it probably makes you happy. And happiness is so hard to find in these times that in some ways, it probably doesn’t matter why you’re doing it. If you can find some pleasure in it instead of sadness, or anger, or apathy then there’s probably a good reason for you to do it again.

And if it’s the simple reason that it happens to make you happy, then why not?

Reach for the simple and good things during this time. It can sometimes be all we have.




Today’s weather was miserable. It had strong winds and a dousing rain. It was cloudy, it was muddy, and it was most definitely wet.

And so I was a bit miserable too. It’s a Monday, it’s rainy, and it’s just another reason to stay inside (as if I needed one).

But today was also a reminder that whatever you’re feeling right now about the quarantine, about social distancing, and about the virus, you can and should be feeling it.

You can be sad, disappointed, mad, tired, frustrated, relaxed, grateful, anything!

If you’re feeling it, then it’s a valid feeling.

So, if you are going to take today to be miserable, like me, then have at it!

All feelings are good. And no one should tell you how to feel.



To Do

In this time of staying inside, it’s easy to look around and see the things that you need to tend to and that should be on your “to do” list.

But the problem with that is that you end up not really seeing the things for what they are.

For example, I have a large pile of TBR (to be read) books. Actually, most of my bookshelves I haven’t read. So, when I look at my ever-growing pile next to my bed or on my reading cart, I can’t help but want to feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment for when I finish them. When what I should feel is excitement and anticipation at reading a new story.

So, the next time that you look at your “to do” list, try to feel a sense of gratefulness and appreciation instead of anxiety. See that pile of laundry is actually a gift that you were able to afford all of those clothes. Think about the great meals you had on the dishes you have to wash. And remember the joy in growing things when you look at the dark patches of dirt out in your garden.

Don’t see it as a chore but a chance to see something beautiful.



I Can Do This

It’s Wednesday, and with or without a global pandemic, we all need a little positivity and affirmation in our lives for the middle of the week.

So, just repeat after me: “I can do this.”

Whether you’re just trying to stay on the couch and not go out in public, or you’re trying to keep your kids entertained, or you’re going to your 3rd or 4th shift of the week at a hospital or medical facility.

It’s okay to feel tired and worn out, even if your job is to just sit around and do nothing. We’re all fighting hard battles during this time, on the inside and out. Lots of people are feeling the exact same way that you do.

The thing that makes you different is that you get back up and say, “I can do this.”

And it’s okay if you add, “I can do this…later. Or I can do this…in a little while.”

Just take breaks, breathe, and remember: you got this.