Get Up, Stand Up

I guess this week is all about productivity. Because here’s another realization I had today:

You get less done when you’re chained to your desk. You get more done when you frequently get up and take breaks. 

I know, I know. Every self help article on how to “Study Harder and Better” will give you this advice, but I don’t think you understand it until you live it. 

Because you take me, a person who gets some sick pleasure when I don’t take a lunch break, and you tell me to do a project. I’ll work on it all day long, assess it from every angle, and I’ll deliver it to you by the deadline. But I’ll be tired and mean and frustrated over my contribution. 

And then, you take a slightly less neurotic version of myself, and you give her a lot of water (so she goes to the bathroom a lot) and she takes a bunch of breaks. She still gets her work done, but she also gets some exercise, and she gets well hydrated, and she also gets some time to step away to think about the project from a different perspective. 

And again, you may not be impressed by this discovery, but for me, a person who attained two degrees fueled entirely by staring at a screen for hours at a time and eating Mike n Ike’s, this is earth shattering. That I can have a taste of both worlds: less stress and more productivity. Just by getting up and walking around a couple times a day. 

But again, if you’re not wowed by my revelation and if you’re looking for a real lesson in life, then try doing something that you’ve never done before. Especially if it goes against the very fiber of your very stressed out being. 

Get Ahead

Sorry guys! In all the flurry of excitement for the snow storm (see what I did there?), I totally forgot to post last night! Oops! 

And I also almost didn’t post today. (Oops I did it again…did you see what I did there, too? Sure you did. You are smart people.)

So, what did I do on my snow day? I did a lot of things to put myself ahead for the week. 

Because days off are usually split into two categories. You’re either productive as anything or you are a human sloth. And guess what? We need both of those kind of days. We need the kind that you veg out and only move to go to the bathroom and grab more snacks. And you need days where you can sit by yourself and sort through your email and generally reorganize your life. 

And you know what? I’d like to take back my previous statement about being unproductive when you’re a human sloth. Because like I said, we need both of these kinds of days. We need to heal ourselves and also take time for ourselves. We need to be dead to the world and also prepare ourselves to live in it. These are both productive and meaningful ways of approaching your life. 

So, don’t wallow in self pity when you haven’t done anything all day. That’s fine. And don’t worry if you just use your day off to catch up. That’s okay, too. Just make sure you take the time to be the best you.