Escape Artist

That’s right. I’m an escape artist. A regular Houdini.

And what do I escape from? Chains? Boxes? Tanks full of sharks?

Nope. Reality. In any way possible.

I read books or watch tv that takes me out of my reality. I read fantasy because it’s so different from my own life. I even watch cooking shows to live a day in the life of a great cook (which is definitely far from my reality).

But the problem is that you have to return to reality at some time. And it can be really jarring the farther you spin out.

So daydream responsibly. Be careful of how you try to escape from reality. Because how you escape matters. It needs to be a healthy release.

Take it from an expert—you don’t want your escape to become your permanent reality. And you don’t want your reality to just be an escape route.

A Kind Word

I was the recipient of a kind word today. Out of the blue, unasked for, but very necessary.

And you know what? It completely turned my day around. It was incredibly powerful, the effect it had on me. It really did change my whole attitude, and I’m so grateful to the person who gave it to me.

So I’m passing it on to you.

Listen, today might not have been your best day, but it certainly wasn’t your worst. You can do this! I know you can! And if you ever forget, just ask me! If you have to give up today, then try again tomorrow. And keep trying. Because you’re smart, and funny, and kind and this is your life. You need to take charge of it. So get out there, and shine on.

Now pass it on!



I know life is hard sometimes. Actually, most of the time. Ok, ok. 90% of the time.

But do you know what you need to do? No, not eat a spoonful of sugar, or sip water through a paper towel, or take a nap.

You need a good belly laugh. You need your sense of humor. You need a bright side.

If you’ve run out of options, then laugh. If you’ve taken a long look at yourself and you want to cry, try laughing. Try telling yourself a joke.

Like this one:

What do you call a wet baby owl?

A moist owlet.

Or this one:

What do you call fake spaghetti?


And so on. Until you’re laughing again. Until you’re smiling again. Until the world doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

Laughter. It’s more than the best medicine. It’s a way of life.

Let It Be

So, I guess it’s song lyric week on baileydailey. But here we go …

If you’ve been a long-time baileydailey reader, you know that I commute on the train. And I see people doing everything:

Listening to music/podcasts, putting on make up, perusing magazines, reading books, talking to their neighbors, playing games on their phones, typing up reports, writing posts on social media, shopping online.

But do you know what I don’t see? At all? Anyone doing nothing at all. Just being. Just being human beings.

Actually, I see it so infrequently that people get weirded out if I’m not doing something. If I’m just sitting, looking out the window, people don’t sit next to me. Like I might just strike up a conversation, goodness forbid. Like I’m a leper for not staring at my phone. Like a normal human being should.

So, here’s your friendly reminder to just be. Be a human. And don’t worry about doing something every moment of every day. You have my permission to just be alive.

Treat Yourself (Well)

Treating yourself is really tempting.

After all, you do a lot of stuff during the day that needs rewarding.

I had a phone call today and my voice didn't crack!

I ordered salad instead of a donut!

I made it through the day without yelling at anyone!

And it's really nice to take yourself out to eat. Or buy yourself something. Or just run a bubble bath. Treat yourself.

But this can turn into a vicious cycle. You have to go out to eat to make up for the day you had. You have to treat yourself, because you've been good all week.

The problem stems from not taking care of yourself well. If you just took the time in small moments to take care of yourself, you wouldn't have to treat yourself in such a big way.

So treat yourself well, and you won't have to treat yourself as often.

Sometimes being kind to yourself isn't all that kind.

Even When You Can’t, You Can

Exercising is hard.

Your brain says, "what are you doing to me? My body is out of breath, my muscles are sore, and you just keep…going? Are you trying to kill us?"

And you would love to just stop. Because why torture yourself like this?

But you don't. You take another step. And another and another. And suddenly, you're at the finish line. Even when you thought you couldn't, you still can.

Repeat as necessary with any obstacle in your path or your life.

The brain is a difficult muscle. It's difficult to convince, but if you don't stop, you may just find that you'll succeed. As log as you ignore that little voice that says "not right now" or "I can't."

Even when you think you didn't have any more to give, you do. Wring out every last drop, and you'll do amazing things.

OK, Universe!

Ok, universe! You win!

The fact that BOTH of my shoes came untied as I was carrying an armload of things shows me that I can't control everything and that I need to stop trying to.

Alright! We get it!

I am powerless to unmake a mistake but I can make sure I don't repeat it. And I can take more time to correct myself before moving on.

Fine, universe! You were right all along!

My body is tired at night because I am fighting you all day long. I'll stop fighting and start going with the flow. I promise.

Ok, universe! It makes sense now!

I can only give when I have enough. I can't do more if I'm not taking care of myself.

Ok, universe. What's next?


I found this wonderful quote by Wayne Dyer today:

When you dance, your purpose isn't to get to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.

I like this quote because it touches upon something that we all take advantage of: life. We race through the work week to get to Friday and the weekend. We stare at the clock, waiting to go somewhere else with someone else. All we do is try to waste time when we should be…well, living.

So I'd encourage you to dance. It's the only way to stop time completely. To say, I will enjoy this moment for the sole purpose that I'm alive and I'll shall ask for nothing more. I will enjoy this beat and this rhythm until it ends. And I will not wait for the next beat — I'll just dance right on through.

And don't forget that dancing is just usually fun in the first place so it's a great way to enjoy yourself anyway.

So, make time to dance. Turn up the music. And forget about time for awhile, except for the time you spend on your feet.


I’m sure I’ve written about this topic before (maybe even under the same name), but I think it bears repeating. 

It’s not okay to be selfish. But it’s very okay to be self-ish. Let me explain. 

Selfish means that you’re not in touch with the needs of others and that you put yourself before everyone else all of the time. 

Self-ish means you’re in touch with the needs of others and that you put yourself before others some of the time. And that’s really it — some of the time, you need to take care of yourself. So be self-ish. Just ish. Just a little. 

Take yours truly, for example. I’m what you call a workaholic. (I call it overachieving). But whatever you call it, it doesn’t change the fact that I feel guilty and ashamed when I take a lunch break. A break that is provided to everyone equally, but for some reason, is difficult for me to accept. 

Now, I’m not selfish. I certainly don’t take a longer lunch break than anyone else. But I’m self-ish when I take a lunch break. I’m  putting myself and my needs first some of the time when it’s needed. 

So be self-ish sometimes, and you’ll find no reason to be selfish. 

10 Ways to be Nice to Yourself Right Now

I think, as a human, it’s hard to be nice to yourself sometimes. But add in the fact that you’re a rather awkward and clumsy human…and it gets harder.  

So, we all need to remind ourselves that we’re not all that bad. And sometimes, we’re even that good. And here’s how you do it:

1. Find a mirror. Look yourself in the eye. And smile. (I bet you can’t resist smiling back!) 

2. Take yourself out for a treat. Ice cream. Chocolate. Broccoli. However you define “treat.”

3. Wrap yourself in a blanket so your whole body is inside the blanket. Roll around the floor a couple of times. Call yourself a burrito. 

4. Read a book out loud to yourself before you go to bed. It’ll remind you of what it was like to have a bedtime story read for you. 

5. Take a shower or a bath. Or just wash your hands in warm water. It’ll feel good. 

6. Watch cute animal videos. Actually, make a habit of watching cute animal videos. They’re good for the soul. 

7. Take a walk around your neighborhood. Count fireflies. Say hello to people. (But don’t overthink it.) 

8. Watch a movie or tv show that you just love. Stay in the moment. Really watch it, like it’s the first time. 

9. Talk to a friend. Vent. Then let them take care of you for a little while. Just until you feel better. 

10. Take one deep breath. Take another. And another. Remind yourself that you’re doing the best that you can.