Life is Not a Survey

On a scale of 1 to 5, how likely are you to throw out this survey? If you were to rate your dissatisfaction with this survey on a scale, would 10 be enough to capture your frustration?

We’ve all been there. Checking off boxes while trying to fit your personality into those boxes. (Am I a forest person or a beach person when I’m at rest?) Being asked questions that you don’t even know yourself. (How do I feel about lunar moths?)

So, why does everyone live their life as if they were filling out a survey? Oh, passions? I only have passions that can fit in this 250 character box. No! You have more than one passion and that’s okay. Stop living your life like you need to pursue your one and only passion in life, and if you don’t you will be a failure. Anyone who has ever succeeded at something has not made their life revolve around that one thing. For instance, plenty of successful writers have had other passions. Mostly alcohol and loose women, but you get the picture.

And why does everyone hand out their life decisions in survey form? Should I do this? Will this make you upset? What do you think? Are you somewhat satisfied with our friendship? Not at all satisfied? WHO CARES. Do what it is that moves you. Do not ask for permission. Do not poll the audience. The right people will come along for the ride. And you can live without their opinion of you. I promise.

And finally, as much as your future employers would like you to believe this, your personality or aptitude cannot be ascertained through a static survey. You are a living, breathing piece of art. Just because they can identify the medium in which you painted yourself does not mean that they know you. You won’t know how well you play with others until you try.

In the end, don’t let yourself stumble on the questions of life. If you look hard enough, you will find that you had the answers the whole time.