Wishes on Eyelashes

So, I’ve been doing everything to make this one wish come true.

I’ve been waiting up until 11:11, I’ve been throwing pennies into a fountain, and I have been wishing on fallen eyelashes. As one does.

But nothing!

And so I can either blame the universe, blame God, blame the government.

Or, I can take ownership for my own actions and understand that only have the power to change my future.

Yes, that’s better.

And so if you’re wondering why your wishes are falling on deaf ears, remember only you have the power to change your life. So, take action. And watch your wishes come true! Or not! I’m not a genie!



Asking for It 

I believe we live in an abundant universe. Where anything you need, you can have. As long as you work hard and ask for it. That’s right–You have to ask for it.

You can’t expect Miss Cleo to read your mind all of the time!

 We do everything to ensure our place in life, except ask for it to be so. And really that’s the most important step. To set your intentions. 

Because I didn’t have a great day yesterday, my friends showered me with love and emotions. I didn’t ask them to, but they did anyway. And I’m so appreciative of that.

But I would have had a better day almost immediately if I had just asked for help when I needed it. My friends are great spiritual guides who can sense a disturbance in my force. But they shouldn’t have to. I should ask them when I need something. Pride can be a hard beast to rein, but do it anyway. 

The important thing isn’t to have a lot of friends. It’s to have ones that will be there when you ask them to. And yes, sometimes you won’t have to ask. But more times, you will and should. Everyone likes to be needed after all. 

25 Things I Learned At 25

Well, I’m almost 25. Which is why I want to count down some of the most valuable life lessons I’ve learned. You know, from being a quarter century old. That should make me really wise, right? You can be the judge.

25. Spend money on quality clothes. They’ll last longer and be a better investment.

24. In that vein, separate your laundry and check all of your pockets before you chuck it all in the washer. (I learned this the hard way…several times.)

23. Stress will kill you slowly. Find something to channel your energy into.

22. Go with the flow as much as possible. Resistance isn’t futile, but it’s exhausting.

21. Repeat after me: grades. don’t. define. you.

20. Do anything that makes you feel beautiful. Wear make-up or don’t. Do your hair or don’t. Life is too short to not feel like a goddess.

19. You may despise your sibling now, but give it time. You’ll need him/her one day. For everything.

18. Your parents have given you so much. Thank them whenever you get the chance.

17. Talk to everyone and anyone. Learn their life’s story. It’ll make you more empathetic.

16. Indulge in your pity parties. Sometimes that’s the only way to get over things.

15. Read every book from cover to cover. Every author has something to teach you.

14. Don’t feel bad about buying music you like. It’s always a good investment.

13. I’m not saying everyone needs to date their significant other for 10 years but…it worked for me.

12. Remember to be excited about things. Apathy is for people who don’t enjoy life.

11. Sing in the shower as much as possible.

10. Own a soft blanket. Trust me, you’ll need it.

9. Don’t take yourself so seriously. Make a mistake, learn, keep going.

8. Step on all the crunchy acorns and leaves you see. No, this is a rule.

7. Throw some things out once in awhile. You don’t need material possessions as much as you think you do.

6. Be the weirdo. If people aren’t friends with you, they’ll at least remember you.

5. Work out. I promise that you’ll feel better after. Even if you really, really, really don’t want to.

4. Good friends are hard to find. But once you find them, make sure you make time for them regularly.

3. Chocolate will keep the dementors from getting to you. So keep it on hand.

2. If you put out positive vibes, positive vibes will come back to you.

1. Be who you are, no matter what. It’ll make all of your decisions really easy when you know who you are.



When Life Catches Up with You

Everyone vaguely knows of the possibility of parallel universes. (Basically, parallel versions of our selves [based on the decisions we’ve made] are living parallel versions of our lives.) So, that one time when you zigged instead of zagged? There’s a version of yourself out there that is actually living the life in which you zagged instead of zigged, and so on.

And if that’s possible, I think it’s also possible that once in awhile, your life matches up with a parallel life, which no longer becomes parallel, and so becomes your exact life. (Still following?)

I also have another theory. I believe that sometimes you’re let in on the secret. Sometimes, you get signs that you’ve linked up with one of your parallel lives and are actually on the path that you’re “meant” to be on.

In general, these “signs” go by many names. Maybe just coincidences, as I’ve discussed. And maybe in the form of deja vu, when you feel as though you’ve been some place before, but can’t remember any of the exact details of it. In these terms, I think perhaps your parallel self has been there, and you are just sort of “lapping” him or her, so to speak.

But I think when it gets really weird for me is when I’m paying close attention to it.

So, picture me going about my daily life. And since I am not Hermione Granger, I don’t know everything about everything. In some cases, I learn about things that I’ve never even heard of before while out and about.

It happens like this: Let’s say for example that I’ve been living under a rock and I didn’t know what an armadillo was. And so all of the sudden I’m reading a book, playing a game of trivia, or listening to a song, and the idea of an armadillo comes up. (And remember, before this moment, armadillos were completely unknown to me and this is the first that I’m hearing about them.) Well, doesn’t it beat all when the anchorman on the news reports on a feature story about armadillos that night? It’s as if something that I’ve never even knew existed is suddenly so prevalent in my life that I can’t walk a straight line without noticing it. But you are probably saying, “Coincidence, right?”

Yeah, it could be just a coincidence if it didn’t happen so often. Just last week I noticed different ideas and concepts that I had never heard before in my life suddenly reappear in Jeopardy!, the news, in the book I was reading, and in a song I was listening to. It seems the universe wants to beat me over the head with something.

And my guess is that it’s just me catching up with…me. My life catching up with another life, perhaps the one I’m supposed to live. It’s as if to say, knew she’d learn about armadillos eventually, and now she has. 

Because that’s what it is, for me. It’s reassurances that I’m on the right path. It’s like when an actor or actress hits their mark perfectly from the script. It’s more evidence that there is a plan (made by someone, made by the universe, made by stardust, made by no one), and it may not be completely fixed, but there are checkpoints I can get to. And when I get to them, I can be confident that I don’t have to worry that I’ve been making the wrong choices.

Somehow, I’ll know that life was walking beside me all along.

Give a Mile, Get an Inch

Stuck on how you are going to be the best person you can be? Confused about how to reach your fullest potential? Fortunately, there’s a lot of advice about how to achieve success out there. And unfortunately, there’s a lot of advice about how to achieve success out there. It’s hard to know what is right or what will work for you.

But I’ve heard one piece of advice from several sources recently that I love and respect. And the basic gist of it all is quite simply this: the universe hates it when you play your cards close to your chest.

Think of the universe as that nosy neighbor across the street that watches at the window for you to come home, and when you see a telescope lens poking out between his or her curtains you aren’t at all surprised. So, instead of making that little granny or grandpa work so hard to find out what you are doing, you need to reveal your life and your intent.

How do you do that? You work really hard. And then you work really hard. And then you work really hard some more. In whatever capacity that may be. If you want to be the best ballet dancer, you need to wake up and practice before anyone is even dreaming about practicing. If you want to be a great salesperson, you need to hit the pavement and not take no for an answer. If you want to be the best blogger, you have to pick a format and remember to blog daily (even when you’re in the hospital).

And then. And only then does the universe acknowledge you. Because the universe is getting requests like the stock market. It has all of these pleas and requests being thrust into its face. But it can only respond to the one that is most serious, the one that is going to have the most ROI, the most profitable.

So, when the universe finally takes your ticket after you’ve woken up at 5 am for three years in a row to crank out a masterpiece, when you’ve spilled hot coffee in your lap for the bajillionth time on your way to the gym, when your computer has crashed without you saving your work for the absolute last time (you swear), the universe sends down some heavenly host in whatever form you subscribe to (angels? goddesses? Chris Pratt and his raptors?) and provides you with a little bit of oomph. The strength to go on, or the last chapter of your book, or just some confidence in yourself.

But that’s only after you’ve given the universe everything you got. In essence, you need to give an entire mile to even get an inch. But that inch will give you the rest of the fuel to give and go another mile. And then life goes on…and so do you.