For the Hell of It

I made a playlist this evening. I used to make all kinds of playlists all the time, and I would burn them to CDs and then drive around and listen to them, singing along.

So, it felt good, even though I hadn’t done it in awhile. Even though I lost track of time. Even though I didn’t get started on all the chores and responsibilities that I should have been doing while I was making it.

And sometimes, just sometimes, you need to do things because you want to do them. If you think about it, everyone just does what someone else tells them they have to do, all day long. They rarely do things that they want to do. For the hell of it.

So, do things for the hell of it, once in awhile. Make a playlist and jam out.

I’ll be right there with you.




I know what women want.

And you know what?

I know what men want too.

In fact, I know what all humans want. They want attention. And now that I’ve got yours, let’s continue…

Now, I know that attention gets a bad rap. Mostly, because everyone thinks that attention is bad (duh). Because how often have you heard: oh, he/she is just doing that for attention. And when you read that in your head, it came out negatively, right?

But it isn’t wrong to want attention. In fact, everyone needs some degree of it. It’s what makes us feel heard and feel like we matter.

I mean, why else is everyone’s dream to be famous? It’s not because movie stars make a lot of money, live a lavish lifestyle, or contribute something great to an art form. It’s because celebrities demand society’s attention. Whether we want to give it to them or not. (Kardashian sisters, your table is ready).

So, okay. You’re thinking, attention may need some…attention. And maybe I need some too. But why does that matter?

Because what is the one thing that we are totally short on these days (thanks to stupid smart phones and abundant advertising)? Yup, you guessed it. Attention.

And what happens when humans thrive on attention but aren’t able to deal it out or get it from anyone? We become unhappy. We have so much stuff vying for our attention that we have nothing left over. Which just continues to frustrate and anger the people around us. Really, the world’s ill isn’t that there’s too much to do; it’s that we aren’t allowed to focus on any one thing for very long.

So, what we all need to do is take some attention off of everything else and put it on ourselves. On our friends and family in front of us instead of the virtual ones on our phone. Maybe then our attention span will stop shrinking to the dimensions of a couple of bored high school students waiting for the final bell. And in the end, maybe we’ll get the attention we all deserve in return. The attention we paid, in full.