The Impossible

I thought a lot of things were impossible at the start of this crisis.

But if there’s one thing that coronavirus has taught me, it’s that nothing is impossible.

The cool thing is that people who thought things were impossible right now are being proved wrong everyday.

I could never home-school my kids…yes, you can! And you’re doing it right now!

I can’t get anything done when I work from home… yes, you can! And with determination, it’s easy!

I can’t make my own meals for myself instead of going to a restaurant…yes, you can! And you can continue to do it!

I can’t stay at home all the time…yes, you can! And you should!

So, during this crisis, redefine what it means to do the impossible. Because you do it everyday. You just may not realize it.





Right now, everything seems like it’s a bit out of hand. The number of hours you spend in front of a screen of any kind, the way people are grocery shopping, the number of times you look in the fridge just to see if “there are any snacks.”

Everything seems to be out of your control, or CTRL as I like to call it.

But it is at these times that focusing on things that are in your control is most helpful to keep anxiety down and a sense of well-being up.

So, let’s practice:

Coronavirus? Out of your control. No, really. It is. Completely out of yours and, everyone else’s, control.

Coronavirus in your home? In your control. Because you can wash your hands, wash surfaces, and generally social distance from everyone around you.

Work from home? Out of your control. You didn’t decide that you had to work from home. Coronavirus did. (And if you’d like to see if coronavirus is in your control, please see the the first line.)

Work from home routine? In your control. Make a promise to yourself that you’ll get up on time everyday and change out of those pajamas, and generally stick to your old normal.

Closed schools? Out of your control. Did you decide to close schools? No, your elected officials did.

Homeschooling? In your control. Well, as much as teaching a child can be called “in control.”

So, whatever you are doing during this self-quarantine, don’t worry about things out of your control. Look around and see what you can do that is in your control. I promise you’ll feel way better.



P.S. I’m sorry if I’m focusing too much on COVID-19 lately. But it’s kinda on everyone’s minds, including mine. I’ll try to keep distracting you from the outside world as much as possible in future posts.



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