The Season Sisters-Excerpts

This is where you can find excerpts of my novel. Enjoy!

Rory felt the blood rush in her head. Now that the adrenaline had worn off from the encounter, her cheeks flushed from so many pairs of eyes finally looking at her. She crossed her arms and glared furiously at a cobweb in the corner of the classroom, anything to stop herself from stealing a glance back at Dan to gauge his reaction. Anything to stop herself from feeling bad for what she did. Dan had deserved it, she tried to tell herself, even despite the punishment she would receive. She had wanted to do this and now it was finally her chance, for once and for all, to tell Dan Macklin what she really thought of him. She grinned to herself when she thought of how Dan would look when she would end his obsession with making her life miserable. Although she did wonder how she was going to do that. She wouldn’t win against him by fighting him so she had to think of another way. She would need time to think.

© Bailey Gunn, 2018