The Dumbest Thing Ever

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done?

Wore your glasses while swimming in the ocean? Left your phone in the pocket of your jeans that are cycling in the washer? Forgot the top off the blender and pressed start? (Or maybe Alanis Morrisette would just tell me that these are all ironic things…?)

Anyway, I’m sure we’ve all done things that we’re not happy about, let alone proud of. But do you know what’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever done? I do. You probably do it everyday. Heck, you’re probably doing it right now. (And yes, it’s really dumb.)

Worrying. Yup, that’s quite easily the dumbest thing you can do.

Think about it. (But don’t worry about it, that’s counterproductive.) What is worrying? It’s traveling down all of the avenues of thought that concern hypothetical situations and possible scenarios. And do you know what’s absolutely stupid when you think about any alternatives to anything in your life?

You have no way of knowing what’s actually going to happen. So, the what ifs don’t matter. And even if you did know what was going to happen because you can time travel or something, it may not happen exactly as you’ve worried it might (an eternal problem with time traveling, too.) So, you are quite literally worrying for nothing.

And here’s the kicker: worrying is never general. That’s anxiety. Worrying is when we’ve made up specifically what might go wrong. And does it? Yeah, sometimes. But worrying hasn’t made it so. It’s just that it has worked us all up so we become irrational and make a mistake. Self-fulfilling prophecy and whatnot.

And not to mention that worrying is exhausting and highly draining because it’s so negative. I mean, with the time that you’ve spent worrying, you could have easily envisioned what could go right and made that happen instead of calling down a dark cloud to cover you.

Look, it’s like this. You wouldn’t blow out a candle and hope that it turns on a lightbulb, right? And you shouldn’t worry to protect yourself from potential negativity during the course of the day. You can’t save yourself from what might be, only what is.

My advice? Just don’t worry. And if you can’t? Still don’t worry; not worrying will come naturally to you someday.

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