Okay, I have a confession to make. 

I’m a follower. 

Yup, you read that right. I’m a lemming. Maybe not with fashion or with personal tastes, but for everything else, I’m a follower. I just don’t really like to lead, especially in a bossy way. I can quietly lead by example. But even then, I’d really prefer it if someone just told me what to do. 

And I know. That’s bad. It makes me ripe for the revolution. It makes me seem like I’ll do anything anyone tells me to do. (Which is sort of true for me, but not always true for everyone else.) 

But is being a follower really a bad thing? Don’t we need to follow in someone else’s footsteps before we know how something is done or how someone feels? Isn’t it smarter to watch something being done before jumping in and doing it yourself? What’s wrong with following along for awhile, until you feel confident enough to lead on your own?

Listen, I get it. The world doesn’t want followers. (Think different. Right?) But we can’t all be leaders either. We’d just have a lot of people walking around and yelling in circles. Sometimes, we just need another population for those people to lead. But that’s not to say we follow them blindly. It’s just that we’re there and ready for someone else to come up with a bright idea. 

And who knows? Maybe, through following and carefully watching others, maybe that will be us someday. But for right now? You can lead the way. 

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